Breathing problem remedies

Breathing problem remedies

Nowadays air pollution has been one of the grave problem faced by people of both developed and developing countries. The development of industrialization, the increase in the use of public vehicle and unmanaged roads has been the cause of increasing air pollution. Due to the air problem, there has been increasing in breathing problems.So let’s see about the breathing problems and breathing problem remedies


Breath shortening or dyspnea is a condition that prevents oxygen from entering the lungs. Heart and lung problems can cause breathing problems.

Some people may unexpectedly feel breathless for brief periods. While others will feel it for several weeks or more.

In view of the pandemic COVID-19 in 2020, breathing shortages have been commonly linked to this epidemic. Dry cough and fever are also typical symptoms of COVID-19.

For most people developing COVID-19, only mild symptoms can occur. If you encounter these following problems, however, seek emergency medical care:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Chronic chest tightness 
  • The lips are blue.
  • Uncertainty when thinking

You can take many forms of home medication that can help relieve the problem if you are in shortness of breath.

Many people change their posture, which alleviates pain and allows for easier breathing.

Breathing problem remedies

Here are nine breathing problems remedies you can use to get rid of your breathing problems.

It is a very convenient method to treat breathing problems. It helps to slow your breathing and respiration rate quickly by making your breathing deeper and more effective.

It also contributes to the release of oxygen in your lungs. It can be used anywhere, particularly when you are in the process of tending to the hardest part of a task, such as stretching, lifting certain objects, or ascending stairs.

To breathe with a pursed-lip we need to follow following steps:

  1. Relax the muscles of your shoulder and neck.
  2. Breathe slowly through your nose and keep your mouth shut for two counts.
  3. When you’re about to whistle, purse your mouth.
  4. Breathe through your pursed lips, slowly and softly (for 4 seconds).

Back support

Standing will also allow the body and your lungs to relax.

  1. Stand next to a wall and face away, lean on the wall using your hip.
  2. Hold your feet away from one another and keep your hands on top of the thighs.
  3. Lean a little forward and have you hands hang right in front of you with your shoulders relaxed.

Diaphragmatic breathing will help attempt to cure your breathing problems

Try this method

  1. Sit in a chair with your elbows, shoulders, head, and neck relaxed.
  2. On your belly, put your hands.
  3. Respire through your nose slowly. The belly should shift under your hand.
  4. Tighten your muscles as you exhale. You should feel your stomach go inwards. Respire with your lips pursed.
  5. Emphasize the exhalation rather than the inhalation. Until you slowly inhale again, keep exhaling longer than normal.
  6. Repeat for approximately five minutes.

This is another one of many breathing problems remedies. A trusted source found that caffeine relieves the muscles of asthma patients’ airways. The lung function can be enhanced for up to four hours.

You will find that it is a slightly better sitting position if you are experiencing breathing problems. A table and chair is used in this exercise.

  1. Sit in the chair while facing a table and keep your feet on the floor.
  2. Keep your arms on the table and slightly lean on your chest.
  3. Keep your head on a pillow.


Sitting down will help the body relax and help cure breathing problems.

Sit in the chair while keeping your feet on the floor while leaning forward at the same time.

Place your hands gently on your knees. Make sure to relax the muscles of your neck and shoulder.

Standing while getting support from your arms

  1. Stand byany flat solid piece of furniture that is just underneath your shoulder height.
  2. Rest your hands and elbows on the piece of furniture to relax your back.
  3. Place your head in your forearms and loosen up.

It is one of the breathing problems remedies. A number of people experience breathing problems while they sleep. This can also contribute to waking up suddenly many times. This can decrease your timing and quality of sleep.  

Try your favorite and most comfortable positions so you can sleep without any respiratory problems.

Have your doctor monitor your breathing problems and use a CPAP machine if necessary.

A study had discovered that experiencing cool air can help relieve dyspnea. Try using a small electronic, handheld fan to help with your respiratory problem.

When to call a doctor

Remember to call your local emergency hotline, unlock the door, and sit in any of the following events:

  • A sudden health emergency occurs
  • Can’t get enough oxygen and breathing problems to get severe  
  • Pain in your chest

If you want to see the doctor you should make an appointment if you experience: 

  • Regular or lasting breath problems 
  • You get up in the night because you have breathing problems
  • Wheezing (producing a whistling sound when you are breathing) or high pressure in your throat

You can view the nearest hospital using the GPS installed on your phone

Breathing problems are also accompanied by:

  • Swollen feet and ankles
  • Breathing difficult when lying flat
  • High chills and fever
  • Wheezing
  • Breath problems going into severe 

Treatment of breathing problems

Here are some of the treatment for the breathing problems.

Treatment to shortness of breath

There are many potential causes of shortness of breath, including serious conditions and emergency medical treatment. Less severe cases can be handled at home.

Changes to lifestyles that will help control your breathing problems include:

  • Stop smoking and eliminate cigarette smoke
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals, allergens, and toxins
  • Weight loss whether you are overweight or obese 
  • Avoid visiting high elevated places
  • Keep safe by eating well, sleep enough and keep in touch with a doctor for any medical problems
  • Follow the recommended therapy plan for underlying asthma, COPD, or bronchitis.

Remember that only a medical practitioner (doctor) can help you to deduce the reason for your breathing problems, avoid visiting a pharmacist and avoid taking medicine checked out based off of the pharmacy workers choices as it could worsen the already severe case.


Make sure to look out and follow these remedies to the point as they could save your life and prevent from getting worse. If you think that your condition might worsen, contact your emergency number for health care in your respective countries and have a full evaluation by a certified doctor.This concludes the topic of 9 breathing problems remedies. I hope that know you know about Breathing problems remedies.

Dr Sanam shakya

Dr. Sanam Shakya is a licensed MBBS doctor working as a medical officer under the emergency department in Karnali Province Hospital, Surkhet, Nepal.Dr. Shakya's interests are intensive trauma care, emergency medicine, and internal fixation surgeries. He spends a considerable amount of time inpatient''s healthcare.

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