Pain in left Arm : 9 different causes

Pain in left Arm : 9 different causes

You probably are here because you have pain in left arm. You might think you hurt your arm first if it hurts. There can be discomfort in one part of the body somewhere. A pinched nerve bone or an articular fracture or heart attack may be caused by a right arm pain.

Learn regarding the causes of pain in left arms and the symptoms.

Causes of the conditions involved

You can feel discomfort in your left arm for several causes, including arthritis and other chronic diseases. Several potential reasons from simple stress to a heart condition for pain in left arm are:

1. Attack of the heart

A coronary artery blood clot or rupture may stop the blood flow into the heart. The muscle will easily get weakened when this happens. The heart muscle begins to die without medication.

Some heart attack signs include:

• Pressure or chest pain

• Back pain, spine, foot, or jaw pain.

• Breast or vomiting

• Breathlessness

• Faintness and lightheadedness

• Cold sweat breaks out

• Tiredness.

Some people are having severe symptoms. Others have signs of frequency and absence or of indigestion that are as mild.

2. Angina

Coronary heart disease is a symptom of angina. It means you don’t get enough oxygen-rich blood in your heart muscles. This can ofcourse be a cause for pain in left arm.

Angina lasts only a few minutes compared to a heart attack. When you are busy and better when you rest, it generally gets worse.

3. Bursitis

The bursa is called bursitis when it gets inflamed. Shoulder bursitis is also caused by constant motion. Age raises the risk of bursitis which can cause pain in left arm.

When you move or lay on your arm or back, the pain generally increases. Perhaps you can’t rotate your shoulder entirely. Burning and tingling are also signs.

4. Bone broken or fractured

Despite the pain, there is often no indication outside that you have broken a bone or broken a wrist or arm.

A broken bone can cause pain as you move, in your arm, wrist, or hand. Swelling and numbness are also symptoms. This results in pain in left arm. You can break your arm and wrist when your arm seems fine or you can get a bone fracture.

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5. Disc Herniated

Disks are the pads in the spinal column between the bones. They are the spine’s shock absorbers. A herniated disc in your neck has fractured and pressed on your nerves.

The hurting will begin from the neck. Then it will move towards your shoulder up and down. You can feel numbness or burning in your arm, too. The pain in left arm is rising in this case.

6. Cervical Radiculopathy or pinching of the nerve

A pinched nerve is commonly known as a compressed nerve. This may be attributed to trauma or wear and tear damage to a herniated disc.

Similar to herniated disc signs are the pinched nerve. You may feel pinched, or burned in your arm. You may feel more pain when you move.

7. A tear of the rotator cuff

A heavy item or repetitive movement can lead to a torn tendon in your shoulder’s handcuff. It significantly weakens the shoulder.

Injuries of the revolving cuff appear to hurt more if you lay on your sides. When you move your arm somehow, arm pain gets worse. It may also substantially weaken your spine. It also affects the scope of movement on your shoulder

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8. Sprain and stress

A stretch or rip a ligament is a sprain. When you fall off and brace with your arms, a sprain of the arm will take place. A strain is when the tendon or muscle is bent or pulled. If you lift something wrong or over-stress your muscles, it can happen.

Bruising and swelling are typical signs of weakness.

9. Tendinitis

Tendinitis is inflammation or tendon pain — thick, bones. It induces discomfort and sensitivity right above a joint. Tendinitis is most common around your shoulders, Elbows, handles, knees, and heels though it can be found in all of your tendons.

Tendinitis symptoms are similar to bursitis symptoms.

What should you do if you have pain in left arm?

Heart attacks can abruptly or slowly begin. Chest irritation or pain and even mild left arm pains is the most prominent symptom.

You can immediately contact your local emergency services or dial 911 if you think you may be having a heart attack. As soon as they arrive, emergency personnel can begin to help. Every second count when it comes to damage to the heart muscle.

Here are a lot of other things to remember if you have pain in left arm.

If the cardiovascular disease has already been diagnosed, left pain should still be studied.

A bone not properly healed will in the long run give you more trouble. See your doctor immediately if you have a risk that you have cracked or broken the bone.

Without therapy, bursitis, tendinitis, and tears of rotary cuffs may result in even more complicated complications, such as a frozen shoulder. If your back, elbow, or wrist cannot be rotated entirely, see your physician. It can be stopped from getting worse by early care.

Try to rest your arm and, if possible, to keep it high for strains and sprains. Multiple times a day, add ice for 20 minutes. Use pain killers as well.

While some of these conditions are not serious, without adequate treatment they may be serious. If home remedies do not assist you, call your doctor, the issue gets worse or your quality of life is beginning to be interfered with.

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Medication for pain in left arm

If you have heart disease, medication, relief of symptoms, and improvements in your heart’s lifestyle may include your care. Often operation to clear or bypass blocking arteries is required when you have serious heart disease.

Broken bones have to be placed and immobilized before they are healed. Usually, it takes several weeks to wear a cast. Often extreme breaks need service.

Lift and rest your arm for sprains and strains. Multiple times a day Ice the field. Splitting or bandages may be helpful.

The primary therapies are physical therapy/work therapy, rest and pain and inflammation medications for:

  • Bursitis
  • Disc herniated
  • Nerve pinching
  • A tear of the rotator cuffs
  • Your tendonitis

Corticosteroids or procedures may be needed in some cases.


No matter what the case may be, whenever you feel any left arm pain, you should immediately meet with a doctor and have it checked out, sometimes it could be severe and sometimes not, but it’s safer to know when you visit your nearest local hospital!

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